ANIE Network | Research
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Research is one of ANIE’s core activities. ANIEs research focuses on improving the understanding of the international dimension of higher education through the development and implementation of innovative research programs to address the key challenges and benefits of internationalization to Africa.

The research priorities respond to needs identified by African higher education institutions, countries and regional bodies or frameworks. Within each theme or research area, we particularly focus on areas where there are considerable knowledge gaps and where our current strengths hold the greatest potential.

ANIE brings together African scholars to take the lead in developing priority research programs and enhancing use of research findings for policy formulation and policy development in Africa’s higher education sector. Part of the MRCI funding from the Association of African Universities (AAU) has been used to support fifteen young scholars from across Africa to carry out research on internationalization and the MDGs. They completed their studies and publication of the outcomes is under way and should be completed by December 2012. As an outcome of the 2nd ANIE Conference, ANIE developed a research strategy that will guide its research in the coming years.