A  contextualised analysis of the issues and challenges faced by students/young women and men in the context of SSA universities, in relation to how gender impacts their pursuit of entrepreneurship opportunities, as well as their access to opportunities that can enhance their employability.

The study draws on a mix of primary and secondary data and evidence to conduct a higher education gender analysis study. Using an intersectional approach, the analysis should focus on issues and best practices that are of relevance to our Higher Education work which supports improved youth employability and entrepreneurship development, focussing on the four priority locations in the region

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DigiGrad Africa Project Introductory Meeting

DigiGrad Africa Project Partners held a virtual introductory meeting on 16th March, 2023. The meeting which was hosted by OBREAL Global brought together all the project participants with the aim of introducing them to each other. At the meeting, partner universities...

ANIE & OBREAL Awarded EU Grant

ANIE in partnership with OBREAL Global has been awarded European Union Funding for Capacity building in the field of higher education. The project titled DigiGrad Africa: Internationalisation and Digitalisation of Graduate Training and Research for the Attainment of...

DigiGrad Africa KOM Report

The first physical meeting of DigiGrad Africa Project Partners was held in Eldoret Kenya from 10th – 12th May 2023.

The following report is a comprehensive summary of the discussions, decisions, and action items that were covered during the meeting. Download the report here .