ANIE & OBREAL Awarded EU Grant

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February 10, 2023

ANIE in partnership with OBREAL Global has been awarded European Union Funding for Capacity building in the field of higher education.

The project titled DigiGrad Africa: Internationalisation and Digitalisation of Graduate Training and Research for the Attainment of African Regional and Global Development Goals. The main aim is to enhance the quality and relevance of training for graduate students and young researchers in Africa, especially for the attainment of Africa regional and global development goals, through harnessing the opportunities provided by digitalization and internationalization.

Participating institutions include eight African universities and four European Universities. The African Universities are University of Cape Coast, Laweh Open University, Moi University, Africa Nazarene University, University of Burundi, Burundi International University, University of Juba and Upper Nile University. The European Institutions include University of Maastricht, University, Sapienza University, UC Leuven and Extremadura University.

ANIE will co-ordinate the project with support from OBREAL Global – an association dedicated to South-South-North cooperation, and universities from The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Belgium.

The DigiGrad Africa Project is a significant step towards enhancing the research capacities of African universities. By promoting internationalization, leveraging digital technologies, and sharing experiences with European partners, the project aims to contribute to the development of the African higher education sector and, ultimately, to the continent’s economic and social development.

The project will provide African universities with the tools and expertise they need to undertake high-quality research, promote internationalization, and leverage digital technologies to enhance teaching and learning.
Outcomes of the project will include;

• Robust strategy documents for digitalising, internationalization, and research enhancement and a Handbook
• HEI research supervisors and staff of IROs trained in harnessing digitalization for internationalization;
• Launch of a virtual post-graduate student training programme
• Launch of an African young researchers’ network