Building, strengthening and sustaining Africa’s capacity on the international dimension of higher education is another key objective of ANIE. One of the ways this is to be addressed is through the Network of Emerging Scholars on Internationalization (NESI), a Special Interest Group (SIG) of ANIE with the broad aim of developing capacity for research for a better understanding of the different dimensions, rationales and implications of internationalization in Africa. The importance of capacity building for research became clear based on the lack of African academics with strong expertise and experience in the internationalization of higher education. ANIE finds it imperative to respond to this by developing research capacity through young interested and promising African scholars. NESI is ANIE’s main tool for developing capacity for research in internationalization of higher education and in September 2009, the first NESI Capacity Building Workshop was organized at Moi University, Kenya. It helped bring out a clear understanding of the complexities of the international dimension of higher education as well as in-depth knowledge on student mobility from a Global and African perspective. As a follow up, the 2nd NESI Workshop twas held on 2nd and 3rd November 2010, in Kampala, Uganda, and it provided an opportunity for members to get first hand experiences on the development and utilization of open resources for research and information sharing within members.