13th ANIE Annual Conference Call for Abstracts

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April 7, 2023


After a  few years of virtual conferencing, this year the ANIE Annual Conference comes back to the physical mode. The 13th ANIE Annual Conference will be held in Zanzibar from 4th to 5th October 2023. It will address the theme Reframing Knowledge Partnerships for Mutual Benefits and Africa’s Needs.

It comes  on the heels of the waning COVID 19 pandemic whose effect brought new realities to internationalization of higher education especially for Africa.  While international partnerships and collaborations have played a key role in the development of higher education and research in Africa, in some ways, they haven’t worked well for African universities thus not leading to the desired mutual outcomes. They in addition present risks and challenges which at times negate some of the gains made. It is time that African universities and their international partners re-frame these collaborations to address the asymmetries and imbalances and go for mutual and real impacts.

This is more timely as we set to face the post COVID 19 world and in view of the opportunities and challenges facing African societies today. Stronger and meaningful partnerships and collaborations are desirable now than ever before to enable African universities and their international counterparts to contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the other crucial developmental needs of their societies.

The 13th ANIE Annual Conference will thus bring together higher education stakeholders, policymakers, practitioners, academics and researchers, development partners and other stakeholders to explore ways in which international partnerships and collaborations can impact more on Africa’s developmental needs. 

We thus call for abstracts of not more than two hundred words addressing the following sub-themes:

  • Building research and postgraduate training capacities
  • Digitization and innovations in teaching and research
  • Policy frameworks and strategies for meaningful partnerships
  • Decolonizing the curriculum in African universities
  • Regional and Institutional Quality Assurance
  • Emerging trends in academic mobility
  • Partnerships for social justice and equity

Abstracts should be sent to sec@anienetwork.org not later than 15th May 2023. Click here for the important dates of the conference.  

Get more information on the conference page.