The 14th Annual Conference of the African Network for Internationalization of Education (ANIE) will be held from 9th -11th October 2024 in Accra, Ghana under the theme ‘Repositioning the International Education Agenda for Africa’s Future’. The African Union (AU) has designated the year 2024 as the Year of Education in Africa. It is thus a critical time to look back at some of the major developments and reforms that have been accomplished and at the same time reflect and strategize on the needed actions for the future.

ANIE will dedicate its  14th Annual Conference to marking the African Union (AU) year of education by focusing on the critical role that international education has played in shaping the higher education sector in Africa and what needs to be done going forward. The past few years have recognised the calls for re framing internationalization to mitigate the imbalances and challenges it has posed to African countries. The conference will thus focus on the  progress and developments that have been recorded over the years amidst several challenges and obstacles including emerging realities such as the COVID 19 pandemic, the impacts of growing global conflicts, the realities of  climate change on developing countries, the impacts and potentials of disruptive technologies and a the bulging and restless Africa’s youthful population.

It is against this backdrop that the 14th ANIE Conference will explore and reconfigure the role of international education and partnerships in the realization of Africa’s education and development priorities. These would include the implementation of the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA), the SDG4 and the development of national, continental and international policies, frameworks and initiatives to  strengthen the relevance and development of higher education in Africa. It will  further reflect on how to reposition Africa’s higher education to the emerging global and local developments. The ANIE Conference brings together scholars, policymakers, practitioners, students and other stakeholders to explore and discuss the contemporary developments in international education in Africa.

Call for Abstracts

We thus call for abstracts of not more than two hundred and fifty (250) words that address any one of the following sub-themes:

    1. Curriculum Innovation and Internationalisation.
    2. Digitalization and  Internationalisation of Higher Education in Africa
    3. Strengthening postgraduate training and research through digitalization and internationalization
    4. Reframing partnerships and mobility for mutual benefits.
    5. Resourcing and supporting collaboration in higher education.
    6. Developing institutional strategies and structures for internationalization.
    7. New models of intra-Africa partnerships and initiatives.
    8. The future is here: Students perspectives on internationalization in Africa

Abstracts should be submitted by 30th June 2024.

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