British Council funded study on Gender Analysis in Sub-Sahara Africa

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November 28, 2023

ANIE is undertaking a British Council funded study on Gender Analysis in Sub-Sahara Africa aimed at analyzing the gender inequalities and challenges facing female students in African universities with specific reference to participation and
opportunities in employability and entrepreneurship.

It focuses on four African countries i.e., Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. The study will adopt an
intersectional approach, with the analysis focusing on issues and best practices that are of relevance to the higher education sector and which supports improved youth employability and entrepreneurship development. It explores ways of creating an
enabling environment for young women and men in higher education Institutions in SSA, reducing or addressing gender inequality and enhancing outcomes for female students and graduates.

It would further propose steps that could be taken to ensure that higher education interventions and approaches are gender sensitive and gender transformative where possible. The project commenced in November 2023 and would end in June 2024.
The outputs would include a Synthesis Report, four country reports, three policy briefs and recommendations to British Council and other actors on how these challenges can be addressed.

The Ghana component of the study is being led by Prof. Goski Alabi- ANIE Chairperson; South Africa by Prof. Beatrice Akala- Wits University; Nigeria by Prof. Rita Akudolu- Nnamdi Azikiwe University while the Kenyan component is headed by Prof. Kefa Simwa -Executive Director ANIE. Dr. James Jowi- Head of ANIE Research Committee coordinates the project