ANIE looks into to Impacts of COVID 19 on Higher Education

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November 7, 2021

The COVID 19 Pandemic has impacted on higher education the world over, in unprecedented ways. In Africa, it has brought in new challenges thus compounding the challenges facing the higher education sector. Responding to the multidimensional effects of COVID- 19 on higher education requires devising appropriate and responsive containment measures, adaptive strategies and policies for a better and more secure future. Through this project, of the Partnership for African Social Governance and Research (PASGR) and the African Network for Internationalization of Education (ANIE) have set up a Policy Research Community, which has been christened as “Utafiti Sera House”, to explore the impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic on Kenya’s higher education. The initiative takes cognizance of the far-reaching effects of the pandemic on several aspects of higher education but focuses on the impacts of the pandemic on three important thematic areas i.e.  (i) resourcing for access, equity and quality education during and post-COVID-19; (ii) opportunities for public private partnerships in strengthening access to higher education; and, (iii) impact of the pandemic on postgraduate training and research and the future of emerging academics. So far, five convenings have been organized to discuss these aspects of the pandemic. Several policy briefs and thematic papers are being developed focused on the above thematic areas. The project draws participants ranging from policy makers, university leaders, academics, early career researchers, private sector representatives and representatives of international development partners. When completed, the publications of this project will be shared with you.