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UNICEF’s Learning Think Pieces: Promoting Fresh and Cutting-Edge Thinking

Deadline: 26 November 2017

The UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Regional Office is currently seeking applications for its Learning Think Pieces that aims to promote fresh and cutting-edge thinking on how to improve the quality of education in the ESA region.

These Think Pieces aim to broaden expertise, stimulate dialogue and encourage new ways of thinking to address the major educational challenges facing the region.


  • To stimulate new debate and reflections in advancing quality education and learning
  • To support UNICEF ESA colleagues’ work in-country (education sector analysis, planning, policy development, writing proposals)
  • To ensure that all UNICEF ESA work is underpinned by an aim to reform education systems to focus on learning.

A good Think Piece will look like:

  • Robust thinking: demonstrated through a conceptual framework, Theory of Change or clear elucidation of the debates or issues.
  • A clear stance: demonstrated through what an author thinks is/isn’t working and why.
  • Fresh ideas: demonstrated through suggestions as to what needs to change, what should be different or what direction should be taken.
  • Links to learning: all critiques, suggestions and ideas should be underpinned by an aim to improve learning.

Topic Areas

  • Improving classroom practice
  • Teacher performance
  • School improvement
  • Accountability and system reform
  • Inclusion and disability
  • Parents and caretakers
  • Reforming curriculum
  • Learning assessment systems
  • Education in emergencies
  • Life skills
  • Pre-primary education
  • Gender and equity

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Think Pieces are for:
    • Primary audience includes UNICEF education specialists within the 21 Eastern and Southern Africa region country offices.
    • Secondary audience includes national and international education professionals, which consists of education ministry actors, other UNICEF offices/colleagues, development partners, I/NGOs, academics, consultants, etc.
  • Individuals as well as pairs or groups are eligible to submit a proposal
  • Authors should have salient experience working in education systems in sub-Sharan Africa and/or other developing country contexts
  • Although not a prerequisite, authors should be recognized within the development community as leading in their field
  • Authors can be of any nationality and can be academic professionals, practitioners, consultants or staff of donors, NGOs or other organizations involved in development. UNICEF particularly welcomes applicants from Africa and the Global South.

How to Apply

Applicants can download the call for proposal Information Pack to submit their proposals  given on the website.

For more information, please visit Learning Think Pieces.

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