ANIE Network | Lecturer strike means years of wasted time for students
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Lecturer strike means years of wasted time for students

Students pursuing certain programmes at Kenyan public universities have been unable to attend lectures consistently for more than a year owing to repeated strikes by lecturers over salaries and conditions of service. As a result, the quality of learning has been affected, not to mention the fact that the future of hundreds of young Kenyans hangs in the balance.

One such student is Mercy Kandia. A second-year Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Nairobi, Kandia (23) said she has been at home for almost a year since May 2017 when the academic year ended for the long holidays.

“I was meant to report back in September last year to start my second year but because of the lecturers’ strike in July, it was postponed indefinitely,” Kandia told University World News.

“Just before we opened school again, there was another strike in November that led to a further postponement of the start date. After the strike was called off in December I received a message to resume school in January, with the specific date to be announced later. That date has never materialised and so with this third strike again, it means I will be home for even longer.”continue reading