ANIE Network | HE in the World: Towards a Socially Responsible University
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HE in the World: Towards a Socially Responsible University

Perhaps never before in recent history has the role of higher education been so intricately tied  to the economic, social and environmental fabric of the modern world. The demands from all stakeholders for quality, robust and diverse systems of higher education to take an active responsibility in addressing the challenges of the world’s pressing issues is likewise unprecedented. This pressure for global engagement emanates from an equally diverse group of stakeholders: from policymakers, students, parents, academics, social and environmental groups, to lobbyists, inter-governmental, regional and national bodies.

As the world in which we live has become increasingly complex and the challenges we face become more interconnected, so has the need for harnessing collective responses to complex solutions – solutions that affect and connect us individually, nationally, regionally and globally.

The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the United Nations in New York in 2015 clearly set out an agenda to address these complexities. The enormity of the tasks ahead faced by all UN member states is unparalleled, with commitments to realize sustainability policies for human development, natural resource protection, peace and security, cultural and education resources. From safe drinking water, to universal healthcare, and reducing the effects of climate change, to establishing universal access to quality education, the demands are immense and all encompassing. Download Full Report

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