ANIE Network | Graduates overqualified for the work they do
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Graduates overqualified for the work they do

More than one in every four Australian graduates are overqualified for the jobs they take on after completing their degrees.

Researchers from the University of Western Australia (UWA), Curtin University and Britain’s Swansea University found that the field of study chosen was a key factor in the education-job mismatch, although this was greater for graduates from the broader fields of study.

These included the natural and physical sciences, human studies, society and culture, and the creative arts. That is, the fields where most students are enrolled.

But the likelihood of an education-job mismatch for graduates from occupation-specific fields such as education, allied health and nursing was much lower than for their peers in the broader fields.

“Overqualification occurs when an individual is qualified at a level above what the job requires and this has been associated with adverse labour market consequences,” said Dr Ian Li, an economist at UWA’s school of population and global health. continue reading