ANIE Network | Creating the conditions for student success
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Creating the conditions for student success

The publication comprises a series of chapters, focusing initially on a battery of student engagement surveys developed at the University of the Free State in collaboration with international partners. Various publications have emerged from the engagement research but this is the first collection of the comprehensive survey framework.

Chapters are written by a range of national and international authors, the latter including Kuh, Torres and Kinzie.

The preface states that the purpose of the publication is to give a South African perspective and ‘contextualised measures’ (xiii) as part of a global movement on student engagement. Using the evidence produced by the surveys, universities can ‘create conditions that impact student development and student success’ (xiv). The approach is thus evidence-based and produces actionable data.

The best known survey is the South African Survey of Student Engagement (SASSE) as it has been implemented for a number of years and most South African universities participate in it. The companion Lecturer Survey of Student Engagement (LSSE) is also longstanding. continue reading