ANIE Network | Apply for ANIE – University of Pretoria Doctor of Philosophy in Policy Studies Programme
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Apply for ANIE – University of Pretoria Doctor of Philosophy in Policy Studies Programme

Deadline for application : 30th November 2017
ANIE and The Education Management and Policy Studies programme at the University of Pretoria are proud to offer a Doctor of Philosophy in Policy Studies degree. Our programme prepares scholars and practitioners to apply and generate research aimed at furthering a critical understanding of the International dimension of Higher Education at local, national, and international levels.
The programme provides the postgraduate with the opportunity to study and conduct research with outstanding faculty who in collaboration with alumni and education specialists, offer core compulsory seminars, four times a
year that will allow students to focus on particular areas of research, policy and other current issues. The
seminars are not credit bearing but are regarded as an enrichment endeavour to encourage the development of specialists in this field and to fast track completion of the degree in the minimum period.

What does a PhD in Policy Studies entail?


The PhD programme will embrace a hybrid teaching and learning model encompassing a blend of face to face and a range of virtual learning support. The department holds the vision and belief that postgraduate studies require building and sustaining communities of learning between academics, practitioners, researchers and other professionals in the families and in the communities of which they serve.
A key focus is on capacity building on the African continent through focusing on the Internationalisation
dimension of Higher Education. Our goal is to build capacity in this field on the continent by developing
a new generation of change agents who enact the change they wish to see in the world. Fostering an interdisciplinary understanding of education policy and practice, the department seeks to enable graduate students and staff to engage in cross-university collaboration and support.
We aim to improve the overall quality of education at our institution and to prepare our students for a global world through our programme focus on capacity building through the internationalisation of African higher education. Our students, who come from all over Africa and internationally, will contribute to a shared space of diverse backgrounds, experiences and knowledge. We welcome you in joining graduates from across the continent and globe at the University of Pretoria, doctoral programme.

Requirements for admission


A student who holds a Master of Education degree or another qualification considered equivalent by the Dean may be admitted to study for the Doctor of Philosophy in Policy Studies degree in Education. A minimum of 65% obtained in the master’s dissertation is a prerequisite for admission.