ANIE Network | African student flows – Challenging prevailing paradigms
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African student flows – Challenging prevailing paradigms

From 11-13 June 2018, researchers representing seven African countries and officials gathered to share their case country results based on a three-year research study on international mobility to the African continent.

This research is co-led by Professor Chika Sehoole and Professor Jenny Lee and is the result of a partnership with the African Network for Internationalization of Education, with financial support from the South African National Research Foundation, with the primary aim towards African research capacity building in the internationalisation field.

We pursued this project for many reasons, starting with the need to have more empirical data on Africa’s international students. According to the United Nations, 42% of the globe’s youth aged 15-24 years will live in Africa by 2030. While youth populations in most other regions decline, Africa’s youth population is expected to continue increasing and to more than double from current levels by 2055.

At the same time, there is an expansion of higher education internationalisation efforts throughout the world. Meanwhile, empirical research coming from Africa is very limited, especially considering the fact that the number of ethnic groups and languages within the diverse continent are in the thousands. continue reading