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Technology the driver of higher education

Technology the driver of higher education

Several countries in Africa are struggling to provide the necessary resources to higher education. The challenges are particularly complex for economically poor countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, which have recorded a massive expansion in the past decade. Partnerships for higher education in Africa as well as other 3rd world countries is vital to all as it represents both a belief in the importance and viability of higher education in Africa and a mechanism to provide meaningful assistance to its renaissance as well as Corporate Social Responsibility to the associated partners across the world.

Governments such as Japanese and Chinese governments, Private conglomerates such as IBM, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to name a few have invested heavily in terms of higher education in Africa. Google, Microsoft and Oracle have also been taking interest in Africa. In Kenya for instance they have established techno-labs in institutions of higher learning (Strathmore University’s iLab). These labs are used to educate, mentor and train innovators towards the world of tomorrow

The establishment of grants for education programs, graduate training programs, scholarship foundations, exchange programs, research hubs have been part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities, however, the real beneficiaries are Africans. They enjoy the exposure to the best in their respective fields and have the privilege to add to their bank of knowledge. Knowledge engineers are now vesting themselves in Africa create new opportunities for research avenues across board. Technology is undeniably one of the main drivers of this new interest in Africa. This is due to the fact that Africans, despite inadequacies, they have researched and brought Africa into the lime-light. From mobile money transfer, internet security, data mining and block chain technology; higher education is a viable niche that needs to be invested in.

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