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ANIE Partnership with IUCBD

ANIE Partnership with IUCBD

Prof. Pierluigi Bozzi, coordinator International University Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity (IUCBD) visited the ANIE Secretariat in July 2016. He held discussions with Mr. James Jowi, ANIE Executive Director to discuss possibilities of collaborations between the two organizations.

The two organizations have complementary goals of promoting collaborative research and networking amongst scholars. IUCBD has in the past years promoted its research and networking activities IUCBD focuses its activities on research and collaborations amongst scholars in different world regions and with keen focus on Africa. According to him, IUCBD and ANIE could work together complementarily to enhance research, networking and strategic approaches that ensure continuous research with other key stakeholders in the higher education sector.

Essential in this is support to support processes of communication, public awareness and capacity building. Prof. Boze stated that as an organization, ANIE has played a critical role in enhancing research and advocacy for internationalization of higher education in Africa which is also of interest to IUCBD. The discussions on the possibilities of partnership looked into how the two organizations could to align their objectives to enable a partnership will focus on a number of thematic areas such as education, science, policy and society with a combination to cultural issues and environmental biodiversity to build on research in the continent.

They could also share different roles: free access, utilize fully the IUCBD theoretical laboratory, and enlarge networks in the two organizations. Further discussions on this would be finalized during the next meeting on the sidelines of the 7th ANIE conference in Ghana.

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