ANIE Network | Iso Lomso fellowships: Call now open
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Iso Lomso fellowships: Call now open

I am pleased to inform you that the next call for applications for the STIAS Iso Lomso Fellowship Programme is now open. The deadline for this, the third call, is 20 October 2018.

Please find the call for applications attached and at The first page of the call may also serve as a poster page for any announcement boards to which you have access at your institutions. Please help us distribute the call to as many eligible candidates as possible.

From our first two calls we have so far selected twelve Iso Lomso fellows and another eight visiting scholars, most of whom have undertaken their first STIAS residency. They have quickly become an integral part of the composition of fellows at STIAS and the life of the institute. One of our female Iso Lomso scholars recently commented:

 My interactions with established, world renowned researchers has challenged my mind to be more open, to break down academic barriers since at STIAS we don’t use academic titles. … Coming from a culture that enacts academic barriers based on authority, this way of interacting at STIAS is definitely one I appreciate because it makes it easier to approach people and share ideas with them without thinking about their status.


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